Friday, October 5, 2007

Leaving the Mosque, 1900

Signed lower left L. Deutsch Paris 1900
Leaving the Mosque (le Départ de la mosquée, le caire), 1900
Oil on panel/ huile sur panneau
34.5x27in (87.6x68.6cm)

This painting, completed in Paris shows the exterior of the Mosque of Aqsunqur. The rich architecture of mosques were a favorite subject for Orientalist painters.

Deutsch uses the entrance set deep into the mosque's edificeo frame the group of figures leaving, while the inky shadow of the interior contrasts with the sunlit exterior. Their costumes, like the intricate carvings along the walls, are captured in brilliant detail and stand out in complimentary res and greens. Source: Chritie's Catalog, London June 2007

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